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Episode 47 – Fo Mo

August 25, 2009 in podcast

We continue to wind things down with a longer-than-usual episode, featuring a phone call from Steve Gerdes, a look at future spinoffs, a horrifying ghost story from Sean and BRAD EDWARDS, and the debut of The Gobblezologist.

Episode 42 – Rhode Island Radio Shack

April 5, 2009 in podcast

We celebrate last month’s Mangy Dog Live show and plug the show coming up, Mark makes a friend in Providence, BRAD EDWARDS and DAMIAN ANAYA join us, an episode of Alzheimer’s Roundtable; The Horse With 2 Snakes For Cocks returns; the first two stirring installments of Cosby, Cosby and Pryor: Private Investigators; and Danny and James remain oblivious about their buddy Rick.

Check out the next Mangy Dog Live show April 18th!


EPISODE 32 – Loneliness and Barbershops

November 3, 2008 in podcast

Episode 32 exists! Brad Edwards provides a prank call, Mangy Dog’s barbershop quartet rocks the house, the first episode of “The Lonely Guy”, a new installment of Sad Trumpet Theater, and standup from DEMETRI MARTIN.

“I hate my name.”

Episode 31 – Halloween Boner

October 23, 2008 in podcast

BRAD EDWARDS and DAMIAN ANAYA show up to help us make mirth, featuring crank calls, long musical intros, The Unofficial and Incorrect History of Rock N’ Roll, Brad and Damian sing a Halloween song, the first episode of Sad Trumpet Theater, an exciting installment of …Or Gay Porn?, stand-up from JIMMY DORE, and… HAHAHAHAHA!

Episode 30 – Barbazologist

October 16, 2008 in podcast

BRAD EDWARDS pranks a stranger, Mr. Cheap returns, another exciting installment of Hollywood Gossip Corner with Pip Tinkle, we meet Frank the… BARBAZOLOGIST!!!, a quick CD shill, stand-up from TODD GLASS, a healthy reminder from Mr. T, and DAMIAN ANAYA says “hey.”


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