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Mangy Dog Radio Hour Whoop-Dee-Doo

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Episode 40 – The Phrase That Pays

January 25, 2009 in podcast

LORDY LORDY, LOOK WHO’S 40! Mark celebrates with AutoZone, we mock Joaquin Phoenix again, the riveting first installment of Sven The Yodeling Stuntman, stand-up clips from STEVE MARTIN, other weird crap. R-A-S-S-L-I-N, THAT’S RASSLIN!

Episode 37 – Joaquin Roll

November 23, 2008 in podcast

Mark calls Shoney’s, Joaquin Phoenix explains the BYE!GOOD fiasco, Sean debuts his new hit single, “Honk If You’re Drunk,” Mark provides a songumentary about silverfish, and another cheery installment of The Lonely Guy.

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